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about-yakety-yak-cell-phone-repairPeter Shirley, who owns Yakety Yak along with his wife Suzanne, spent 21 years helping to run the retail business at Microsoft, including 4 years running international retail sales for Windows Mobile Cell Phones. He then went on to open cell phones stores in Boston and Columbus with the help of venture capital. Texas has always been home, so Peter and Suzanne have decided to bring their customer centric model of selling phones to Colleyville and North Texas.

Yakety Yak has been doing business in Colleyville since 2008, and repairs over 7000 phones a year.  Peter & Suzanne wanted to provide a family run, locally owned business where customers could feel comfortable asking questions about the latest technology.  In addition to repairs, the team at Yakety Yak are experts on all things cellular and will help you move contacts, setup email, and learn new things about these rapidly evolving devices.

Yakety Yak prides itself on outstanding customer service.  In addition to repairs, used phones and accessories, you can find these other services at Yakety Yak:

  • Contact and information migration – Moving to a new phone? Yakety Yak can help you move your information to your new phone. This is a service we regularly provide at no charge.
  • Water Damage? – Yakety Yak is a licensed DryBox Rescue location, and for a nominal fee can help remove the water from your device.
  • Screen protection – Yakety Yak has the latest in tempered glass screen protectors as well as the original plastic ones.
  • Batteries – Don’t let an old battery drain your day. Yakety Yak has batteries for over 300 different phones in stock, all of them original equipment, and all with a year warranty.
  • Have pictures you need out of your phone? At Yakety Yak we can either burn them to a CD for you or put them on a flash drive.
  • New to smart phones? Let Yakety Yak provide advice on the latest features and applications. We love to help people understand their phones, so come on in.
  • Need something we don’t stock? Yakety Yak can special order almost anything for your phone or tablet.

yakety-yak-recycling-programYakety Yak strives to keep all cell phones out of the landfill. Phones contain elements that are harmful to the environment. Yakety Yak partners with certified recyclers to safely reuse old phones. If your phone is too old to qualify for our buy in program, then let us dispose of the phone in an environmentally conscious manner.

  • Not all recycling programs are created equal. Some “recyclers” actually ship their phones off to third world countries, where they become dangerous refuse for another society. Don’t make our trash someone else’s problem.
  • Yakety Yak uses an ISO 4001 company that is fully certified in the safe disposal of used phones. The heavy metals are safely extracted and reused, and the plastics melted down to help create new products.
  • As an added bonus, for every phone that is too old to qualify for the YakSwap program, Yakety Yak has partnered with reLeaf and other recyclers to plant trees in carbon reclamation farms across the United States.

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Drive Up Service Available

Yakety Yak is still fixing phones.  We're offering curbside service from 10am-2pm Monday-Saturday.  No need to get our of your car, we will come to you.

You also call us at 817-399-1000 or email us at gladeroad@yakitupdfw.com to set an appointment.

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