Yakety Yak is one of the largest phone accessory dealers in DFW. We stock over 500 phones cases every day, and are licensed dealers for Otterbox, LifeProof, Urban Armor Gear, Speck, Mophie, and PureGear.

Yakety Yak has the latest cases and the right prices – don’t buy fakes off the internet, you can shop at Yakety Yak with the confidence that you are buying genuine cases with warranties.

In addition to cases Yakety Yak also sells:

  • Batteries – all of our batteries are original equipment and come with a one year warranty. We have over 300 batteries in stock for every major phone, and even with iPhones we can change your battery in about 10 minutes
  • Screen Protectors – Have you heard about tempered glass protectors for your phone? We stock them and install for you in minutes. Don’t pay the high prices at other stores, our tempered glass starts at $9.95
  • Data Cables – Lose your iPhone or Galaxy cable? We stock them, and you can feel safe that our cables are genuine equipment for your phone. Our cables are original Apple and Samsung products
  • Chargers – Don’t be fooled by cheap chargers, they can harm your phone. Every charger at Yakety Yak is tested and approved to work with your phone

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