Apple is can be a tad… reluctant to repair iPhones. They refuse to repair most of their other devices, leading to many people asking us, “Are iPads repairable?” The answer, simply, is yes. However, any parts used to repair iPads are aftermarket. While this is not a problem, it is something many people like to know ahead of time. Whether you’re needing a screen, battery, or charge port replaced, it’s fixable – regardless of Apple telling you to get a new device.

Screens are by far the most common repair we do and are pretty straightforward. Batteries are a bit more difficult. They’re a somewhat common repair, though with how big iPad batteries are, most outlive the device. Charge ports are a little more interesting, as they require soldering to detach from the motherboard. They are also sometimes damaged in a way that cannot be repaired.

We carry parts for most models, and can order parts for the few we don’t carry. If you’re looking for a repair, feel free to call ahead to see if we need to order parts for your device. Parts are specific to each model, so try to find out exactly what model you have. You’re also welcome to stop by for a quote, of course. You can reach us at (817)399-1000, and here’s our Google Maps Location. We’re here Monday through Saturday, 10am through 6pm.