We get quite a few customers asking us about tempered glass covers for their phones.  The biggest question is will it affect my screen.  The answer is no, it will not affect the performance or touch sensitivity of your screen.  We also get asked whether it is a replacement for a case.  There answer here is also no, tempered glass is designed to work in conjunction with most cases to prevent face first impacts.

Tempered glass will not help your phone if the phone falls on a side or back, it is only for face first falls, and even then while it really helps there, nothing can defy physics (except for Michael Jordan, pretty sure he can).  One of the greatest benefits of tempered glass is its great ability to resist scratching.  It is a very tough surface and is almost impossible to scratch, unlike your phone screen.

Yakety Yak sells tempered glass for $9.95 every day.  Do not be fooled by places charging 20, 30 or even 40 dollars for a tempered glass. Some of them claim to have a replacement warranty, but look into the fine print, in most cases you still end up paying $10 in shipping/handling to get that “free” replacement.  Yakety Yak works hard to chase away the frivolous costs in the cellular industry.  We buy our tempered glass, and chargers, in bulk so we can sell them to you at a greatly discounted rate.  They are still the same great product, just without the big mark ups.

tempered glass for iPhones