Replacing broken phone camera lenses is one of the most simple repairs we offer. It’s a quick and inexpensive one compared to the other repairs we offer. If you have a cracked or missing lens, there’s no reason to wait. In fact, this is one of the few repairs that gets tangibly worse if you ignore it. Cameras are sensitive instruments, so even dust particles can quickly make your photos hazy. If your phone has a cracked lens, it’s best to repair it ASAP, or at least cover the lens with tape to keep the camera safe. On another note, if you’re trading your phone with your carrier, having a cracked lens will either drastically reduce how much credit you get or keep you from trading it in at all.

For each device, we charge $40 for one lens, and $20 for each additional lens. Typically, we quote 30 to 45 minutes for lenses, unless we’re already busy working on other repairs. If your photos are already coming up hazy, it sometimes gets better after replacing the lens. However, it sometimes will require replacing the camera itself to start taking good photos again. If that’s the case, we can replace cameras as well, but those prices vary quite a bit. If your photos are already bad quality, it may be best to call ahead and get a quote for repairing both the camera and the lens before stopping by.

Speaking of which, our phone number is (817)399-1000, and here’s our Google Maps Location. We’re here Monday through Saturday, 10am through 6pm.