Getting a new phone is expensive. The best way to mitigate that cost is often to trade in your old phone. After all, most people don’t have a need for two phones. Most places that sell phones also accept trade-ins, but what’s the difference? Well, carriers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Spectrum, etc. typically only offer trade-in credit by means of lowering the monthly payment for the new phone. Since small businesses tend to only sell phones outright, they also offer up front trade in credit or cash for your old phones.

I recently went to Verizon to purchase a new phone up front. However, they wouldn’t accept my old phone for trade-in unless I got the new phone with monthly payments. Since I was purchasing a Samsung, I was able to go through their website to get my new phone and trade the old one. I received about $250 up front trade-in credit for a good condition 3 year old phone. However, if your phone is not in good condition, many big companies will either deny the trade-in or give you next to nothing for it. That’s where small businesses like us shine.

There is a good chance we can give you cash for your old phone. Typically, carriers can offer more money than we can, but keep in mind that they pay you that credit over 2 to 3 years. A far as what phones we buy in, we stick to Apple and Samsung. We’ll buy iPhones dating back to the iPhone 10/X (2017). For Samsung phones, we only buy S series phones, and the oldest we can buy is the Galaxy S10 (2019).

Whether you’re looking to buy a refurbished phone or not, we may be interested in buying your old phone. You can reach us at (817)399-1000, but do note that we cannot give an exact offer over the phone. Stopping by our shop is the best way to find out what your best trade-in options are. If you’re interested, here’s our Google Maps Location. If you already have a new phone, we also have a post about transferring your data from your old phone.

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