It can happen to the best of us.  I have owned Yakety Yak for 15 years now and have told countless customers about the ways to protect your iphone, your data, your sanity when it comes to losing or breaking a phone.

After 15 years it happened to me yesterday!

I am up in Colorado and was mountain biking.  It was an 18 mile trek through the backwoods around Vail.  About 12 miles in I crashed (don’t worry, mostly just bruised my pride), picked myself up and kept going.  I noticed after about 5 minutes my Airpods stopped working, I just thought I had killed the battery on them.

It wasn’t until I was about 3 more miles into my adventure that it dawned on me. My Airpods quit working because I was not in range of my phone.  I had lost it miles back when I fell.  I might add that it was miles UP at this point.  Some things went through my mind:

  1. that phone costs $1,100 – that was a big mistake
  2. what about my pictures?
  3. All the stuff on my phone, was it safe?
  4. I really liked that case

This learning moment showed me that the talking we do in the shop really pays off.  I had anticipated this eventuality, and had taken steps to protect myself in the event of loss.

  1. I had turned on Find My Devices, so even though I was miles from my phone, I could see where it was for later retrieval
  2. I use Google Photos, so all my photos are backed up to the cloud, meaning I wouldn’t lose any of them
  3. Since I had Find My Devices turned on, I had the ability to report the phone as lost and even remotely erase it, so my data was secure
  4. Luckily, Yakety Yak sells cases, so I could replace that case

I ended up heading back up the mountain that afternoon with my son, and using his phone we were able to “ping” the lost phone and found it buried in the forest, none the worse for wear.  The tempered glass and case from Yakety Yak protected the phone, and It is now safely in my pocket once more.

A neat line shack on my adventure biking in the Colorado back country

18 miles, this was the only living thing I saw

Some scenes from my bike adventure

lost iPhone recovered

Found the iPhone right where it fell.  It would have been lost forever without Find My Devices activated

Come into Yakety Yak and let us help prepare you and your iPhone for what life can throw at it.

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