iPads are big windows to the world.  Unfortunately, like windows they break pretty easily.  Luckily Yakety Yak fixes thousands of iPads a year, and if yours takes a tumble, we are here to help.  We stock parts for most of the iPads, and can usually have you back up and running the next day.  Not only can we fix the front screen on your iPad, we also have the expertise to fix broken dock ports as well.  These usually involve soldering in the new part and we have special microscopic soldering tools to get the job done correctly.  Yakety Yak has been fixing iPads and iPhones for over 14 years now, and it is the main part of our business.  Trust us to get the job done correctly.


Yakety Yak repairs thousands of iPads a year

Yakety Yak can fix iPad screens, dock ports, cameras, and speakers


Trust Yakety Yak to fix your iPad correctly, the first time


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