Looking for a cheap iPhone screen repair? If you’ve looked around at all, you know how expensive it can be to fix a broken phone. Apple often quotes a repair cost of $350, and for good reason. Their repairs use official Apple branded parts, which are made to the highest standards. Yakety Yak is Apple certified, so we can and do perform these official Apple repairs regularly. However, there are plenty of situations where it doesn’t make sense to spend that much money to fix a phone. To be fair, we do sometimes have customers that just can’t set aside that kind of money.

Within the past two weeks, we received our first aftermarket screens for the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus. At this time, we are offering aftermarket screen replacements for those phones for $169.95 (plus tax). That’s less than half the cost of the Apple branded part. These aftermarket screens use the older LCD style display rather than the newer OLED style that Apple parts use. However, having the option to sacrifice a minimal amount of color vibrancy in exchange for a much lower cost is one of the core aspects of our business.

We have been using aftermarket parts for over a decade, and issues are few and far between. That being said, we offer a 90 day warranty on our screen replacements should the screen have any issues. The repair itself typically takes around 45 minutes to complete, though that can vary depending on other ongoing repairs. We usually have these parts in store, but if we are out of stock we can order in parts for you within one or two business days.

Stop by Yakety Yak today to get your iPhone screen fixed! Our phone number is (817)399-1000, and here’s our Google Maps Location.

iPhone 14 replacement screen