It’s now late November, which means Apple released the iPhone 15 series 2 months ago. Despite some initial concerns with overheating, its seems like a good choice for anyone looking to upgrade their older iPhone. Since we’re in a sweet spot between Black Friday and Christmas, now is a great time to do just that. As always, it’s a different design from previous models, so you’ll need a new case to protect your expensive phone. Yakety Yak is proud to offer a diverse lineup of colors and brands, including Otter Box, cellhelmet, MyBat, and UAG. We are proud to announce that we have a new brand of iPhone 15 cases: the Nimbus9 Alto 2 cases.

Otter Box already has a reputation for being a fantastic, though expensive, brand. cellhelmet is as close as it gets to Otter Box, but is at a lower price point. They also have lots of different colors between their 2 styles – Fortitude and Altitude. They’re still a little on the expensive end for some people though, so we also have MyBat and UAG. MyBat has some simple clear cases as well as some more stylized designs that are similar to UAG. That leaves our new brand, Nimbus9. Their Alto 2 cases are similar to Otter Box’s slimmer Symmetry lineup, but are even a little under cellhelmet’s price point. They even keep compatibility with MagSafe!

It can be a tough choice deciding what to cover up your beautiful new phone with, especially if you’re looking online. Let us help you find the best option for you! We’re here Monday through Saturday from 10am till 6pm, and here’s our Google Maps Location. If you’d like to know more general things about the iPhone 15 series, check out this post!