Don’t let Apple tell you different.  They don’t have the ability to repair the back glass on your newer iPhones, so they will attempt to sell you a new device.  This is a repair that Yakety Yak specializes in completing.  We have a device that uses lasers to remove the old adhesive and glass so we can expertly apply a new glass to the back of your iPhone.

This is a procedure we can do in a single day, and we stock the parts for most iPhones.

Yakety Yak repairs over 7000 phones a year for the last 15 years, so you can trust our long standing experience to get the job done right.  We are even an Apple Certified Repair Center, so we have been trained by Apple and use their techniques, parts, and tools to repair iPhones.

iPhone Back Glass Laser Repair

Specialized lasers are used to repair iPhone back glass

You can find us here: Google Maps Location