Summer is coming Texas.  We all should know to never leave our furry friends in a parked car, but did you know the same applies to your phone?  Temperatures in parked cars can soar above 150 degrees in the summer, and our poor phones cannot tolerate that heat.  Same thing applies when sunbathing, you should throw the towel over your phone.  iPhones and Samsung phones have heat sensors that will detect excessive heat and shut them down to prevent permanent damage, but when that happens it can be some time before you can use them again.

keep your phones safe from the summer heat

Keep those iPhones Safe

The other thing to watch out for is water – Yakety Yak is the only store in all of DFW that has the DryBox.  This is a hyperbaric chamber than can safely remove the water from your phone.  If you drop your phone into the water, do not power it on or plug it in.  Best bet is to get it to Yakety Yak as soon as possible as the chances of saving it go up substantially if we can get it soon.

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