Funny, but you would figure a phone that costs over a thousand dollars would be able to swim.  Maybe it never had the chance to learn.  If you happen to try and teach your phone to swim this summer, rest assured Yakety Yak can help.  We are the only store in North Texas with a hyperbaric chamber dedicated to fixing phones.

Now let’s get all sciencey for a second.  Water boils at 212 degrees.  Unfortunately the iPhone (and Samsung) can only withstand 150 degrees (so don’t leave them in your car this summer, but that’s another blog entry).  Hyperbaric chambers decrease the pressure (called atmospheres, in Dallas we are at 1 atmosphere).  The lower the atmospheres the lower the boiling point of water.  If you have ever gone diving, you know about atmospheres, same as if you tried to boil water on a very high mountain top, it boils at a much lower temperature. (note:  Those of you in Texas – mountains are really really big rocks, usually have some white stuff on them, we call that hail…)

Anyways, we have this cool hyperbaric chamber that will decrease the atmosphere to a level higher than Mount Everest.  This allows the water to boil off the phone at a meager 150 degrees, which will not hurt the phone.

Now for the audience participation.  Repeat after me:  “Never, ever turn or plug in a wet phone to see if it works.”  If your phone goes swimming, get it to our store as soon as possible, do not plug it in, do not try to turn it on, do not stop for ice cream (unless you are going to Marble Slab, then pick us up a chocolate with cookie dough chunks please).

We will put the wet device in our chamber and let the chamber reduce the pressure until we can safely burn off the water.  All this for $24.95.

Come by and see us we are open Monday to Saturday 10-6.

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