Did you realize that your charge cord could actually be harming your iPhone?  We have seen numerous phones that are destroyed by cheap non-Apple approved cables.  The question is, how do you know if your cable is okay?  Yakety Yak now has the ability to test your cable to determine if it is either Original Apple, Apple Certified or imitation.  Imitation cables don’t have the power regulator chips built into the charger and can overcharge your phone which could end up short circuiting the phone.

phone charging cables

Is your cable an Apple certified cable?


Yakety Yak continually invests in new technology to help you keep your phones in great shape.  From our laser to remove the backs of iPhones, to our micro soldering setup, we have added this cool little box to our collection

tool to check if cable is Apple certified

This cool little box will allow us to check if your cable is Apple Certified


Now we have the ability to see if your cable is Original, Certified, or a dangerous imitation.  Bring your cables by today for a free check.  If you need a cable we have an excellent stock of certified and original Apple cables.

results for original Apple cable

Original Apple Cable

results for Apple certified cable

Apple Certified Cable

results for imitation cable

DANGER – Imitation Cable


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