Over the years, we’ve run into a lot of phones that were absolutely gross. Dried food, makeup, dirt and dust are the most common offenders. However, there are other things to worry about if you want to keep your phone clean. We take our phones with us everywhere, and bathrooms really are the biggest issue here (for obvious reasons). Speaking from experience, I don’t even think about where I set my phone down, much less what invisible things get on it.

There are some things that aren’t technically harmful but are still just… gross. For example, I have peeled off multiple cases that have been sealed to the phone with dried tomato sauce or something like that. Those phones aren’t the worst thing in the world, but they’re certainly not ideal. Makeup is an interesting case. It’s not really dirty, but it certainly can build up around the edges of a screen protector or case, or the speaker/microphone holes.

Some people don’t really care about a dirty phone, or maybe even don’t notice. After all, the phone is working just fine. But there are other things to worry about. Even if a phone looks clean, it can be covered in germs. When the Covid pandemic hit, many people paid a closer attention to germs. With time, though, many people returned to not caring. With how many things we touch with our hands and how many places we set our phones down, our phones are one of the most bacteria-ridden things we deal with daily.

So, let’s say you’d like to get rid of any bad stuff on your phone. What do you do? Wash it with soapy water? WRONG – we had a customer do that and kill their phone a couple years ago. Never use water to clean your phone. Instead, carefully use Q-tips and rubbing alcohol. If you’d rather play it safe, we’ll clean your phone for $10 and 5 minutes of your time, at most. Have a question before you stop by? Reach us at (817)399-1000, and here’s our Google Maps Location.