Well, that one is pretty obvious. Phones don’t exactly stick to car paint, and asphalt is a bit less friendly than carpet. However, we have repaired phones that slid off a car, even when the following car ran them over. Even if a broken iPhone won’t turn on, it’s still likely that we can bring your device back to life. While we can fix a lot of different kinds of damage at Yakety Yak, there are a couple things that we can’t repair. Sometimes the motherboard has issues after an accident, in which case there’s nothing we can do. But it’s still worth stopping by to have us check out your device for a free repair estimate.

The iPhone and one of the iPads pictured below fell off of cars and showed no signs of life. A fair reaction is to wonder if the device will ever work again, but all three devices were up and running in an hour. Screen replacements and back panel repairs for iPhones start at $65 and iPads at $80. The same repairs for Samsung, Motorola, and LG phones are as low as $50. Yakety Yak is open Monday through Saturday from 10am until 6pm, and you can reach us at (817)399-1000. Here’s our Google Maps Location for more info.


Yakety Yak iPhone 7 Pro Repair