You might think that all we care about are iPhones and iPads at Yakety Yak.  This could not be further from the truth.  We have been repairing Samsungs for as long as we have fixed iPhones.  Samsung phones present a challenge when repairing as there are not aftermarket parts available.  This means that when we repair your Samsung we are using original Samsung parts, which can be more expensive.  There are some places that engage in a process called “shaving” where they separate the digitizer membrane and LCD from the glass and just replace the glass.  We do not recommend that process as the replaced glass never adheres as well as the stock part.  We service lots of phones that have been repaired in this fashion only to have their screens fall off, causing damage to the lcd below.

Have a Samsung Phone?  Yakety Yak can repair your screen with original parts Yakety Yak provides repairs to a full range of Samsung Phones Yakety Yak repairs Samsung phones as well as iPhones

If you need a new battery, screen or back for your Samsung phone, swing by our store and let us quote you a repair cost.  We have a local supplier and can usually have parts next day or day after.

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