Motorola Repair Rates

  XT12554 Droid Turbo

LCD/Digitizer: $249.95

XT1030 Droid Mini

LCD/Digitizer: $79.95

XT1080 Droid Ultra/Maxx

LCD/Digitizer: $149.95

  XT925/XT925 Razr HD

LCD/Digitizer: $129.95

  XT912 Droid Razr

LCD/Digitizer: $79.95

Drive Up Service Available

Yakety Yak is still fixing phones.  We're offering curbside service from 10am-2pm Monday-Saturday.  No need to get our of your car, we will come to you.

You also call us at 817-399-1000 or email us at to set an appointment.

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