Iphones go through batteries.  Especially iPhones that live their lives on chargers (using it to watch streaming while plugged in for instance).  The hotter your phone gets, the quicker the battery drains, the shorter the life span of the battery.

Good news – Yakety Yak can change batteries on iPhones.  We change thousands a year, and even offer original Apple batteries, or aftermarket batteries.  No matter your budget or preference we can get your phone back up and running in about an hour.

If you notice that your screen is starting to lift, or the phone feels like it is swelling, you need to get it into us right away, that is a sign your battery is on track to fail, and when it fails, it does it in spectacular fashion as exhibited below:

Exploded iPhone Battery

This was a battery that failed, then split, and lithium, which the main material of the batteries likes to be on fire when exposed to air.  This phone was a loss unfortunately, but yours doesn’t have to endure the same fate.  Swing by the shop and let us test your battery and replace it if the need is there.

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