If you haven’t been by Yakety Yak yet, let me tell you about us.  We are 15 years old and have spent our entire time focused on providing quality repairs of cell phones and tablets.  Over time our expertise on iPhone and iPad have caught the attention of not only our customers, but also Apple themselves.  We are a Certified Repair Center for Apple iPhones, and even the local Southlake store sends customers to us for really difficult problems like broken back glass, data retrieval, and even soldering work on iPads.  We fix over 7000 devices (iPhones, iPads, Samsung, Motorola, Google, etc) a year.  In most cases we can do phones in about an hour, and iPads the same day.  Next time you need some help with your device, please drop by, we’d love to help.

Yakety Yak employees ready to help fix your iPhone or iPad

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