Recently, we’ve heard of some people using their old iPhones as music players. Honestly, it’s a good use for outdated devices like the iPhone 6 series. However, people often leave these devices plugged in 24/7, which can cause some bad side effects. Swollen phone batteries are the most common problem to come from leaving it plugged in all the time. Many people are familiar with the dangers of a swollen battery, but for those who aren’t, here’s a summary.

Lithium-ion is the current standard for rechargeable batteries. They’re a huge step up from the previous standard of nickel-cadmium. While lithium composed batteries are less likely to overheat, they tend to explode under certain circumstances. Due to certain properties of lithium, it reacts violently with all sorts of different substances, most notably oxygen and water. Here’s an example of what happens when a large chunk of lithium comes in contact with water.

When a phone’s battery is swelling and pushing against the screen, it may be tempting to try to push the screen back into place. I would recommend doing just about anything else. When you try to force it back into place, you are applying more pressure on what is effectively a bomb already under pressure. Instead, go to a repair shop as soon as you can to get the battery replaced and disposed of properly. We had a customer earlier today bring in the iPhone 6S pictured below. Even though the battery was bending the screen quite a bit, everything worked just fine after replacing the battery. Had they waited too much longer though, they could have ended up in the hospital.

Swollen phone batteries are no joke. There’s a reason that the Samsung Note 7 was recalled at great cost for having battery issues back in 2017. If you notice this issue in any of your devices, get them to a repair center ASAP. Normally we’d love to tell you to come here, but for this issue, get to the closest well-reviewed repair shop.

Swollen phone batteries