Summer is here, water is warm, and the beach is calling.  Unfortunately water and your phone don’t mix.  If you have a water damaged phone, let Yakety Yak try to bring it back to life.  We are the only location with a Dry Box phone recovery unit in the DFW Metroplex.  Our device uses barometric pressure to lower the point at which water boils so we can safely remove it from your device.

DryBox Machine for Water Damaged Phones available at Yakety Yak Colleyville, TX

Taking your phone swimming? Yakety Yak is the only location with a Dry Box to help bring your phone back to life.

If you happen to go swimming with your phone follow the steps below:

  • Do NOT plug it in to see if it still works.  This can short out your phone
  • Don’t worry about putting it in rice, this doesn’t work, it just clogs up your charge port
  • Dry off the phone.  if it fell in any other liquid (salt water, Dr. Pepper, etc) rinse it in water, then dry it off.
  • Bring the phone to us as soon as possible, if we get a phone within 24 hours we have about a 70% recovery rate.

Our charge to work on water damaged phone is $24.95.  We cannot guarantee the outcome, however you do stand a chance a full recovery.