Yakety Yak has spent months in training and work to be able to provide Apple iPhone certified repairs.  We have the tools, diagnostics, and technicians to make your iPhone look new again.  Whether it’s a battery for your iPhone X, or a back glass repair for your iPhone 12, we can provide the expert care your phone needs to look brand new.  Yakety Yak has repaired over 100,000 iPhones in our fourteen years in business, starting with the old iPhone 3g  (fun fact – the iPhone 2g wasn’t repairable).  Our trained experts can also handle minor issues like clogged earpiece speakers or dock ports.  We provide a bright, professional retail environment for your pleasure.  Don’t feel the need to go to a mall kiosk or some out of the way place to get your phone repaired, as Yakety Yak can provide the same service as Apple, without the wait.

iPhone genuine parts and authorized repairs - Colleyville TX


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