If you’ve ever started your day only to realize your iPhone battery is dead, you probably weren’t happy. We often hear customers mentioning having to hold the cable at a certain angle or it won’t charge. Doing so isn’t reliable, much less convenient, and can even make the problem worse in some cases. A loose iPhone charging port may just need some cleaning. However, in some cases, replacement parts are necessary. Yakety Yak offers both services for iPhone and Android devices.

Whether you have a case on your phone or not, dirt and pocket lint love to build up around the bottom of phones. When in a pocket or purse, debris gets compacted over time, causing a loose charging port or obstructed microphone and speakers. That’s why, if you keep your phone in your pocket, we recommend keeping your phone with the bottom facing up.

A little bit of cleaning is nice, but sometimes it doesn’t do the trick. In this case, it may be necessary to replace the charging port. That’s a repair that does take us several hours, as several other components cover the part. Having said that, it’s not a very common repair, so you probably won’t have to plan your day around it. The best way to know is to stop by the shop (here’s our Google Maps Location) to have our techs check it out. You can also call us at (817)399-1000 if you’d rather that way.

Above: iPhone 14 Plus plugged in with a cheap cable that caught fire, needed a new charge port

Below: iPhone 12 used in a carpentry shop, needed a cleanout