Have you ever received a notification on your iPhone saying that your iCloud storage is full? If you don’t know the in’s and out’s of Apple products, you probably were wondering, “What is iCloud?”

To give a short answer, iCloud is a server-based data backup service that Apple provides for all of their users. You can use it to keep a copy of the data on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and any other device signed into your Apple ID. If your phone bites the dust, you very well could lose all of your settings, contacts, photos, and messages you have saved up over the years. Apple ID ensures that you can restore your data to your new or fixed phone.

As a free gift for being an Apple customer, every Apple ID gets 5 GB (gigabytes) of storage space. However, that is really only enough space for settings, contacts, and some messages. Photos and apps take up much more space, especially recently with the iPhone’s upgraded cameras. So, Apple offers upgraded plans with monthly charges, or you can save some money with annual payments. You can even share your upgraded iCloud storage with family members to save some cash.

The first tier is $1 per month, and that gives you 50 GB. That’s enough for most people, at a very affordable price. However, some people have a lot of apps or like to take a lot of pictures, and 50 GB might not be enough. That’s why Apple offers second tier with 200 GB for $3 and 2 TB (terabyte) for $10 per month. If you have multiple people sharing the same iCloud plan, you probably want to choose one of these two.

Recently, Apple has introduced 2 more tiers for people who use a lot of data, such as photographers and content creators. With how good smartphone cameras are these days, photos and videos take up much more space than they used to. As a result, the 6 TB and 12 TB may be necessary to keep all that data protected. These tiers cost $30 and $60, respectively.

Keeping your data backed up is important. Many people don’t realize how important it is until they break their phone and lose their data forever. Keeping your iPhone backed up through iCloud is the easiest way to go about it, and is still very safe with Apple’s encrypted servers. If you’re not sure what’s best for you or you’re not sure how to get started, stop by Yakety Yak today and we’ll help you keep your data safe. Call us at (817)399-1000 or stop by the shop, and here’s our Google Maps Location.