It happens, you rush out of that Uber, or run from Starbucks to your meeting only to find you’ve lost your iPhone.  Sometimes you’re lucky and it’s still there, but for most of us you find that the phone is gone and you don’t have an upgrade available.  Where do you turn now?  One choice is to head to Apple and pay over a thousand dollars to replace that phone, probably while still paying monthly for the lost or stolen one.  You have a better choice at Yakety Yak.  We keep a good supply of gently used phones that have been fully checked out by our professional staff to provide you with a replacement iPhone at a reasonable cost.  Yakety Yak carries mostly iPhone XS and XR models as we can provide them at a cost that will not break the bank.


All of our phones come with a warranty on both the phone and battery.  The phones have been verified with the carriers that they are used phones in good standing (no existing contracts).

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